Keeyean HwangKeeyean Hwang
Population 10 million. In the 1950s, its CHEONGGYECHON RIVER was a magnet for slums, filth and disease. The city buried it in the 60s to make way for a 12-lane downtown motorway with hopes to remedy traffic problems. But traffic, like a gas, expanded. Smog grew. City temperature increased. So, in the early 2000s, thanks to “out of the box” thinkers like environmental engineer PROFESSOR NOH SOO HONG and traffic engineer PROFESSOR KEEYEAN HWANG, the motorway was destroyed and the river re-created as the centre piece to an incredible 8 km long greenspace. And, surprisingly, traffic dissipated. The river is a symbol of rebirth. Of new life. Now, almost 10 years on, how has it really transformed the lives of Seoul’s urbanites?

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Letting the Problem Solve ItselfLetting the Problem Solve Itself

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