Michael CookMichael Cook
Biggest city in Canada. Its landscape has lost many rivers, among them the Garrison Creek, infamous symbol of the City’s very foundation. The Garrison now flows in a combined sewer, for both rain and waste water. For years, controversy has been stirring as to the mismanagement of combined sewer overflows dumped into Lake Ontario. While urban explorer Michael Cook tries to raise awareness of the Garrison Creek via his site vanishingpoint.ca, architects Kim Storey and James Brown and environmentalists Lino Grima and Krystyn Tully advocate for a more sustainable way of dealing with rain water that could, once again, alter the future of the Garrison Creek. But the City of Toronto wholeheartedly disagrees with this new way of thinking. Seems the fate of the Garrison Creek may remain underground...

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Daylighting Rivers, Daylighting OurselvesDaylighting Rivers, Daylighting Ourselves
Garrison Creek's Military HistoryGarrison Creek's Military History
Sewage Overflow Collateral DamageSewage Overflow Collateral Damage
Laying the Urban Grid over Garrison CreekLaying the Urban Grid over Garrison Creek

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